User Privacy and Compliance

Privacy concerns have been rising to the forefront of digital marketing in recent years. Governments have drafted an increasingly complex web of legislation to meet the public demand for protection of individual rights, including the secure and ethical storage and usage of personally identifiable information.
A privacy assessment is required to ensure marketing departments remain compliant with Privacy Legislation utilizing Consent Management. This applies to how marketing tags and third-party cookies collect and store information.

Stacktics provides clients with complete understanding and peace of mind in regards to their readiness and future-proof compliance with privacy requirements.

Avoid Bad Press and Substantial Fines by Preparing Today!

It is hard to ensure up to date compliance across the body of legislation as a whole and the implications can become significant for large organizations handling privacy assessment initiatives.

For this reason, Stacktics proposes an approach based on 3 main components:


We will walk your team through a 6 Hour dedicated session in regards of the Privacy Landscape
  • The history and background of privacy
  • How has the legislation and industry evolved in the last years
  • What legislation applies across your business, what is changing, and what the close future looks like
  • What the latest and upcoming legislation means to your business

Our clients can expect multiple dedicated sessions to get informed about various aspects of the Privacy Landscape that include Regulations, Laws, and risk of Data Breach penalties. This will take the form of 6 one hour Sessions (5+1 customized) with deck walkthrough and Q/A sessions.

Tag Audit

Stacktics will perform a comprehensive audit over the current tag infrastructure of the client domain
  • Crawl publicly available pages (secure pages require test account login)
  • Capture deployed tags and cookies by URL
  • Rate tags and cookies by the threat to privacy

Clients can expect a dedicated assessment of current tag deployment from a compliance standpoint. Access to the Tag Manager platform is ideal. Stacktics also conducts the assessment with specific client stakeholders.

Consent Management Implementation

Stacktics will work with the client to implement a consent management solution meant to properly address the potential breach of compliance that Marketers are inevitably exposed to. The solution will be offered through a third-party platform on how to handle information disclosure and deletion requests.


As a company, it is essential to be serious about the aspect of privacy compliance and follow the industry regulations. Stacktics ensures that your organization maintains ethical practice requirements through the right solution.

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