Internet of Things (IOT) Services

An emerging technology, the Internet of Things is quickly becoming omnipresent in every industry. Stacktics possess expertise and experience in using the Cloud and IOT technologies to build maintainable, resilient and scalable IOT solutions for clients from multiple industries. Stacktics can also help clients form strategy and roadmap to leverage IoT technologies for their use cases.

What is the Internet of Things (IOT)

With every device and hardware being able to be connected to the internet, thereby increasing connectivity and significantly increasing user experience, process management as well as more data points available for analysis, the ‘Internet of Things’ is a concept used to study and implement increasingly complex networks of connected devices. From smart home appliances to farming equipment and connected health monitoring devices, the internet of things is already omnipresent and has a plethora of applications in the modern world and the future.

Stacktics IOT Capabilities

IOT device communication networks to the Cloud
Stacktics’ experts and professionals can provide implementation and consultation for setting up your IOT devices to stream data to the cloud
IOT Data Management and Data Warehousing
Stacktics’ Data Systems and Engineering experts can help you store, manage and process the data from your IOT devices securely in the cloud and enable very useful data processing systems that help you make the most of the data from your devices
Predictive Analytics using Device Data
Data from your devices can be gathered in the cloud and can be used for real-time and batch predictive analytics using Machine Learning and AI
Visualization and Descriptive Analytics
Stacktics’ experts can build systems and dashboards that can help visualize and analyze data from your IOT devices
Industry uses for Internet of Things
The Internet of Things is widely applicable to many industries, but some industries of note are mentioned below:



The telecommunications industry needs to use IOT technologies for a variety of use cases such as capturing cell tower telemetry data, secure mobile device tracking and management, Asset management, proactive maintenance, RPA, anomaly detection, and many many more.



Modern agriculture and agri-web companies need to use IOT technologies to capture and process data from a variety of sensors and devices deployed on farms and fields to be able to predict and automate crop production, crop health, farming processes and overall farm management.



The automotive uses IOT technologies for advanced functionalities in modern vehicles and a lot of these applications also benefit from the use of Cloud technologies for real-time actions and analytics.

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