These Are Our Values

At Stacktics, what brings us together is our mission is to Liberate Teams From the Status Quo.

Together, you can help us transform the world into a more empowered and liberated home where teams are unbounded and better enabled in accomplishing their goals. We utilize and embody three primary values as a guide to the decisions we make every day:


We strive to empower teams, guiding them to succeed through trust and ownership. We are happy to fulfill specific needs for our stakeholders, but most driven to empower them to independently achieve their most aspirational goals.


Transparency, authenticity, self-discipline and accountability stand at the core of our organization. We are allergic to shortcuts and obfuscation, being open about the extent of what we can do and owning everything we say.  


We must always continue to cultivate deep expertise, as it’s important for us to contribute honest value and extend beyond the capabilities that are more standard in our industry. We take the time to consider many factors and perspectives, delivering support and solutions with informed confidence.

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