Google Cloud

Stacktics is a proud Google Cloud delivery partner, the platform offered by Google, is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search, Gmail, Google Drive, and YouTube

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is the ability to store, access and manage data and files over the public or private Internet, using cloud computing platforms. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers multiple tiers of cloud storage, supporting varying locations, costs, access times, frequencies, redundancy and minimum storage durations.


A multi-cloud enterprise data warehouse, BigQuery is a secure serverless platform offered by Google Cloud. The highly scalable solution is designed to effectively handle petabytes of data. Big Query carries built-in functionality that enables ML and predictive modeling, multi-cloud data analysis, interactive data analysis and geospatial analysis.  This magnitude of a data warehouse can empower data scientists and analysts for efficient data optimization.


Dataflow is a fully managed data processing service for executing Apache Beam pipelines within the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) ecosystem that supports both real-time and batch data streaming with low data latency. It is a cloud-based service that manages the dynamic allocation of resources to allow organizations to focus on the design and implementation of their application. 


Cloud Composer is a fully managed workflow orchestration service that empowers you to author, schedule, and monitor pipelines that span across clouds and on-premises data centers. Built on the popular Apache Airflow open source project and operated using the Python programming language, Cloud Composer is free from lock-in and is easy to use.

Vertex AI

The AI Platform used to be a one-stop shop on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for enterprise needs related to machine learning (ML). It comprised model training at scale, model hosting, experimentation, generating predictions and more. Since the launch of Vertex AI, however, this newer Google system has replaced the AI Platform, and according to GCP it is the next generation of the AI Platform based on a series of new features. It is recommended to migrate existing resources from the AI Platform to Vertex AI to get the latest ML platform features, production models using MLOps, and simplify the end-to-end ML lifecycle.


Pub/Sub or “Publish Subscribe”, is a Google Cloud Platform integrated messaging system. The Publish Subscribe model enables for asynchronous service-to-service communication. Every message published on a topic will be simultaneously received by all of its subscribers. It  is an important component for streaming services with storage for messages and asynchronous real-time delivery of messages. With multiple alternatives of messaging services among cloud platforms, Google Cloud Pub/Sub has its own exclusive benefits for ease of setup and scaling.

Managed AI Services

Every industry can use managed AI tools and services, making it more accessible to the service provider and service consumer. AI and Cloud computing are relatable with the amount of data generated daily. GCP offers multiple managed services that can focus on a crucial aspect of the business goals and not worry about the infrastructure overhead. GCP AI services are state-of-art and enable ready-made intelligence that a company can use to explore and expand at a minimal cost.


Stacktics is a proud Looker Delivery partner specializing in empowering teams to adopt and make the best use of Looker for their enterprise data, BI and Analytics Applications needs. Read on for a brief overview of Looker and how its features can optimize your business functions.