Managed AI Services

Every industry can use managed AI tools and services, making it more accessible to the service provider and service consumer. AI and Cloud computing are relatable with the amount of data generated daily. GCP offers multiple managed services that can focus on a crucial aspect of the business goals and not worry about the infrastructure overhead. GCP AI services are state-of-art and enable ready-made intelligence that a company can use to explore and expand at a minimal cost.

Various AI services offered by GCP are

Vertex AI

Vertex AI empowers businesses to build and deploy models powered by Google. Vertex AI provides a unified platform for creating datasets, training pipelines, models, and endpoints. Vertex AI is a flexible platform that can handle the entire lifecycle of the models with 80% less coding. In addition, the artifacts are the same and can be used interchangeably for various purposes. As a result, it dramatically reduces the time to run more experiments and do them faster.

Document AI

Businesses possess lots of documents containing critical data to carry out business operations. Document AI can transform many complex documents into structured data for faster decision-making and unpacking business goals by removing manual processes and human-prone errors. It is an end-to-end document solution from evaluation to deployment with unified APIs making it easier to build and use. Document AI models pertain to industry needs such as mortgage industry, procurement documents, contract documents and identity cards to simulate a human subject matter expert’s judgment.

Retail API

Recommendation systems have been a pillar for eCommerce strategy to retain and acquire customers. Retail API uses Google’s latest machine learning architecture to deliver a personalized recommendation product based on various business goals, for instance, “Recommended For You”, “Others You May Like”, and “Frequently Bought Together”, and allows the use of these models using APIs. In addition, Retail API enables the business to build end-to-end recommendations solutions without ML expertise.

Vision API

GCP Vision API drives insights from images by describing the image content such as background, text, log, object and facial expressions. It extracts image information from pre-trained models. Vision API is not ready to use. It requires some coding and setting up infrastructure.

Video Intelligence API

Video Intelligence powered by Google video analysis enables content discovery and insights from video. It extracts metadata such as objects, people, logos and texts. The data is easily accessible via API. The pre-trained models quickly detect the video’s content frame by frame and support multiple languages. Video Intelligence provides state-of-the-art analysis for stored video as well as streaming video.

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