The motivation for performing an audit is to improve returns on investment from the substantial investments organizations make in marketing resources and people.
Our audit reports on how the organization is structured, the skill level of the team members and agencies as it relates to their ability to reach the business goals of the organization.

By interviewing team members about their workload, strengths and challenges and by reviewing change log activity we are able to get a handle on team capacity, bottlenecks and work allocation.

Findings often confirm that activities like training provide short term benefits in the form of improving results while reducing spend.  Longer term strategies like in-housing are best planned out well in advance and executed in phases to minimize disruption by ensuring a knowledge transfer as the baton gets passed.

High Level Approach

  • An understanding of team sizes and skill sets, for teams most relevant to digital performance
  • Active external vendors and their performance vs. expectations and opportunity
  • Organizational structure, workload and degree of isolation
  • Interview team members regarding process and resources
  • Identify capacity and skill needs
  • Review optimization processes and change history
  • How are you enabling knowledge capability building?
  • How are you prioritizing in-house roles?
  • Which core competencies do you want to grow?


  • Identify opportunities for improvement by category and specific initiative
  • Prioritize by cost, impact and ease of implementation
  • Align on which opportunities represent the best opportunities with client based on what is realistic in the current business environment and budget
  • Create a roadmap for transformation and align on timelines and deliverables

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