Media Budgeting & Optimization Solutions


Finding a data driven method for budget forecasting or planning paid media budget and performance can be challenging. Furthermore, understanding how increasing year over year, or quarter over quarter budgets may affect your performance can be an even harder question to answer.  Headroom represents the amount of incremental opportunity available to  advertisers, while adhering to Profitability or Cost Per Acquisition constraints.


Utilizing advanced analytics and modeling, our paid media Headroom Analysis leverages your business’ historical performance, KPIs and platform metrics. This enables us to provide performance projections of your business’ maximum potential paid media cost per channel while achieving your business KPIs targets and profitability. Whether your KPI’s range from a cost per acquisition, revenue or customer lifetime value, our Headroom analysis can be provided for Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Display & Video 360, Meta Ads. They can also be tailored to any paid media channels used by your business.


Our team comprises digital marketing professionals with years of experience in managing, optimizing and planning large enterprise digital marketing campaigns in all of the major paid search, social and programmatic platforms. Conducting Paid Media Performance Maximization and Headroom Analysis’ for all of our partners to provide a data driven budget projection, our Headroom Analysis projections can be done quarterly or annually depending on your business requirements. We work with your business’ data ecosystem, martech and business intelligence tools to provide a Headroom Analysis that fits your business.

Budget Management and Pacing Tool

One of the critical functions of a marketing team is balancing media budgets across marketing campaign initiatives. While most marketing delivery platforms (DSPs) have some degree of built-in budget systems, Stacktics’ Budget Management and Pacing (BMP) tool exists to centralize and greatly enhance the data and intelligence available to optimize media budgets.  This innovative system allows marketers to control all of their budgets from a single user-friendly hub, taking advantage of AI recommendations and platform automations to quickly pinpoint the performance drivers and reinforce success at the touch of a button.


Budget Management Platform User Experience


Why do you need a Budget Management and Pacing Tool?
The BMP tool provides marketers with a simple command console to easily review their digital marketing activity and trends, across all active platforms.

  • Review AI recommendations and real-time performance data to identify top performers
  • Drill down to individual tactic forecasts to confirm pacing potential
  • Orchestrate your budget optimization plan, relying on automated validation and alerts
  • Deploy your suite of optimizations out to all platforms with the touch of a single button


The BMP tool is an easy-to-use system for marketers to review and maintain budget allocations across their multiple platforms, without interference with any work done directly in the platforms.   As well as deploying budget allocation plans and centralized performance tracking, BMP brings the ability for single-touch pausing or reactivation of any marketing tactic/campaign/channel grouping, allowing immediate and comprehensive control when a critical brand change is needed.  Another notable feature, the tool enables budget allocation plans to be scheduled, ensuring that out-of-hours support can be provided as needed, or that large launches can be validated in advance, then deployed quickly and seamlessly on time.


The Budget Management and Pacing tool allows teams to focus on high impact decision making, relying on technology to present the relevant insights and instantly deploy the action plan.  Contact Stacktics today to free your marketing operations.

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