Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

Environmental and Social Governance should be part of a company’s strategic framework to evaluate corporate objectives that expand beyond finances to include social, environmental and sustainability aspects of the business. ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) data reflects the total cost an organization is generating with respect to the environment, to society and to corporate governance.

Stacktics’ can help your business analyze your carbon footprint and generate reports that can help you make decisions to improve your business’ sustainability.


At Stacktics, we value sustainability. Our team of data analysts, data scientists and cloud computing experts can help your business in its path to sustainability and environmental success.

With Stacktics, you can get assistance in the following areas of sustainability:

Measure your Cloud usage’s Carbon Footprint

Stacktics is a Google Cloud partner, which is the world’s most carbon neutral Cloud provider. Using GCP’s Carbon Sense Suite, we can help your business measure the carbon footprint generated by your business’ Cloud usage and help generate reports for the same.

Generate and Automate ESG Reports

While you may have ESG data, generating ESG reports takes time and investment. Our team can help you automate your ESG reports and processes, giving back valuable time that can be used to action on the insights from your ESG reports.

ESG Data Governance

ESG data needs to be tracked and governed so that you can easily manage and utilize it while meeting your compliance needs. Stacktics can provide you with solutions and implementation of solutions to effectively manage and govern your data.

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