Audience Activation Pipeline (AAP)

GCP as a CDP

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is an important utility for analysts and especially marketing analysts to be able to utilize their customer data, create and manage audiences, activate those audiences as well as manage them. Stacktics’ GCP as a CDP solution and Audience Activation pipelines automate the sending of raw audience data created from backend analytical processes to your Web Analytics platform, Search, Display, Social and other marketing channels. This enables the modern marketer to automate repetitive tasks from their day-to-day activities and focus on their more creative and analytical impacts.

Stacktics’ GCP as a CDP Solution

Stacktics is an official Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Delivery Partner with GCP certified engineers and architects, accompanied by experts in digital ecosystems. This has helped us create a system of various components on GCP that form a Customer Data Platform (CDP). This CDP can leverage either a Looker-based application, or another user interface that can enable an analyst to view all their customer and marketing data in one place, and perform the following core functionalities:

  1. Audience Creation
    1. Explore and Analyze Customer Data
    2. Create Rule-based Audiences
    3. Create ML-based Audiences
    4. Save Audience Lists
  2. Audience Activation and Management
    1. Update or Delete Audience lists from Platforms/Maintain fresh Audience Membership
    2. Schedule Audience Distributions
  3. Audience Analysis
    1. Analyze Audience Performance Data
    2. Analyze changes in Audience Memberships


What’s more? The above functionality can be customized to your needs, unlike other ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions. Our teams can work with your teams to design, develop and test the systems.


The figure below shows a high level overview of the workflow

Stacktics’ Audience Activation pipelines as assets

Stacktics’ Audience Activation pipelines are a core part of the CDP functionality.  As a stand-alone system, they allow pre-defined customer groupings to be automatically refreshed and distributed Once deployed, these pipelines run on schedule, uploading their audiences to the various marketing endpoints as often as required.


The pipelines can also be deployed as software applications onto your cloud infrastructure. While they have been built on GCP infrastructure, these can be customized to your infrastructure needs.


The figure below shows a high level overview of the workflow.

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