Google Marketing Platform

Looking for advanced scalable solutions for a large enterprise or institution? At Stacktics, our seasoned and certified team will help you maximize the results from the full stack capabilities with Google Marketing Platform. As you partner with us, you get an edge over to leverage our expertise surrounding measurements and cloud, and advertising platforms. Our GMP certified experts have been using the stack by providing tech solutions to enterprises across multi-sectors: financial, telecom, retail, healthcare, and more. 

We identify the pain points experienced by clients, discover opportunities, and produce solutions to help meet business goals using Campaign Manager 360, Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360 and Google Ads – all designed to work together. We also present solutions that make the most of your analytics, CDP platform and any available offline data.

Search Ads 360

Serve a responsive custom ad, to the right people at the best possible time. Thanks to Google’s Smart Bidding machine learning (ML) technology you will only pay for what value the click brings to your business.  Using Search ads 360, your business can respond to every user consideration in real time. If a user is looking for a product over the internet, you can leverage search ads to show your product as an ad and influence his business decision. We use reporting features from SA360 to provide you with a 360 view of your campaign health based on frequency, keyword performance, placements, bidding strategy and so on by using robust attribution tools, third-party solutions and reporting features.  

Display Video Ads 360

Reach your customers in a timely manner with the right product offering or reminder to re-engage with you. With focus on people based advertising and omnichannel DSP, we can help you leverage ML to facilitate your campaign bidding. The optimizing strategies can help you transform your business. Collaborate better with other advertising channels to deliver faster insights, improve customer experience, and automate customer journey.

Google Analytics 360 & GA4

Use Google’s machine learning technology to improve efficiency with insights on ad placement, bidding, and optimization best practices. We investigate your strategies to bring to you the best opportunities that can leverage and increase your conversion funnel. 

Campaign Manager 360

We use CM360, a unified, enterprise scale trafficking, floodlight tracking & intelligent ad-serving platform to generate insights that you can incorporate in your next marketing strategy. We provide an overview of your current strategies at a microscopic level and provide you key signals and information to drive or slow down your business.