Services & Solutions

Digital Marketing and Technology

The Stacktics Digital Ecosystem team includes a group of qualified and talented individuals who have demonstrated excellence within the digital marketing realm. Majority of whom have served in leading agencies at top positions as part of Performance Media, Analytics and Martech.

Digital Marketing Assessments

At Stacktics, our core objective is to deliver advanced enterprise solutions by advancing digital maturity and integrating marketing platforms with analytics to achieve their full synergistic potential.

We specialize in supporting established organizations through the infusion of modern Big Data, Analytics & Machine Intelligence systems to achieve a competitive advantage by working smarter.

Marketing Analytics

Paid Media Opportunity Analysis Paid Media Assessment is our deep consolidated expert analysis over client’s main digital marketing channels.

Owned Channel Assessment (Analytics, CRM, Integration ) Assess and understand the current state of digital maturity to identify areas for improvement and deliver a prioritized action plan as a roadmap for the future.

Advanced Marketing Solutions

At Stacktics, we help enterprises navigate the digital marketing ecosystem by getting the most out of their marketing platforms by finding efficiencies and promoting best practices, connecting and automating marketing processes, and auditing marketing policies and procedures to name a few.

Marketing Operations

Marketing operations is an important sphere of an organization. Fortunately, the market is inundated with the right tools to drive the best of marketing efforts. However, it is important to optimize the available tools efficiently.

At Stacktics, our experts are equipped with the knowledge to help power your organization with ‘value-driven’ marketing channels.

User Privacy and Compliance

A privacy assessment is required to ensure marketing departments remain compliant with Privacy Legislation utilizing Consent Management. This applies to how marketing tags and third-party cookies collect and store information.

Stacktics provides clients with complete understanding and peace of mind in regards to their readiness and future-proof compliance with privacy requirements.

Emerging Technology

Technology has taken the central stage in nearly all aspects of human life; its breath-taking acceleration in the past three decades makes it a strategically important goal for businesses to create awareness of technology trends for their growth as well as for their own survival.

Embracing new technology is one way to gain a competitive edge when done correctly. Stacktics experience and expertise delivers on the benefits of emerging tech while mitigating the pitfalls inherent for early adopters.

Web3 and Blockchain

The introduction of Bitcoin brought to the world the coveted innovation of Blockchain. In the process of solving the key issues associated with the decentralized currency system, the author introduced a tamper evident data structure that came to be known as Blockchain.

Stacktics is on a mission to help organizations implement blockchain applications and ensure smooth adaptation through the process.


An emerging technology, the Internet of Things is quickly becoming omnipresent in every industry.

Stacktics possess expertise and experience in using the Cloud and IOT technologies to build maintainable, resilient and scalable IOT solutions for clients from multiple industries. Stacktics can also help clients form strategy and roadmap to leverage IoT technologies for their use cases.


Environmental and Social Governance should be part of a company’s strategic framework to evaluate corporate objectives that expand beyond finances to include social, environmental and sustainability aspects of the business. ESG.

At Stacktics, we value sustainability. Our team of data analysts, data scientists and cloud computing experts can help your business in its path to sustainability and environmental success.

Data and Cloud Computing

Robust cloud computing structure offers your business the right form of development and growth.

Connect with Stacktics to obtain the best cloud setting for your business.

Machine Learning & AI

Building a production ML system requires domain expertise, careful planning and execution.

With experience in machine learning, Stacktics can help companies utilize data to improve business efficiencies and growth by deploying the AI and Machine Learning software.

Application Creation & Modernization

Cloud computing ushers in a further era in applications development by opening up unprecedented levels of innovation through democratization of IT.

For instance, a few creative individuals can disrupt a large industry because they require minimal capital investment to access production level computing capabilities and unlock their talent and begin building their own visions.

Data Engineering

Data engineers rely heavily on APIs to exchange data and the multi-tenant platform becomes increasingly relevant for conducting big data related tasks.

DevOps and Security

Stacktics DevSecOps professionals can provide Strategic DevSecOps Consulting, Security Assessment, Solutions Development and Monitoring/Testing that best suits your organizational needs.

Our Security Assessment methodology encompasses established DevSecOps principles across all perspectives including People, Data, Applications and Infrastructure.

Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Robust cloud computing structure offers your business the right form of development and growth.

Connect with Stacktics to obtain the best cloud setting for your business.

Digital Advancement Roadmapping

The motivation for performing an audit is to improve returns on investment from the substantial investments organizations make in marketing resources and people.


The goal of this exercise is to provide recommendations to improve the team’s efficacy, surface actionable changes and, improve team cohesiveness and unity. The goal is to improve the results from every hour spent working on the campaign.


Working smart is often more effective than working hard so we review the processes and hours spent working towards optimization and scaling results to prioritize focus on the most effective processes, and that the hours logged will best help accomplish the acquisition of company goals efficiently.


Digital marketing campaigns have an endless amount of ways to be set-up, optimized and reported on. Technology can assist in prioritizing actionable opportunities by surfacing the insights or by applying the latest AI models to improve the performance of bid to value.