Looker Starter Kit (Framework)

Stacktics uses the latest technology to deliver valuable business insights to clients. As a dedicated service provider, we assist clients to optimize the best features of Looker. Looker is one of the best unified modern data platforms in the marketplace that effectively transforms raw data into actionable information.

Looker Analytics - Effective Stacktics Process

At Stacktics, data specialists use Looker to help both large and small businesses gain valuable insights from their data. We help to build Looker applications for multiple use cases that integrate data into the daily workflows of users. This process allows organizations to extract high value from data at a web scale.

Steps for Effective Data Analysis

The analysis is undertaken in a step-by-step process as indicated below:

Our data specialists start by identifying core business objectives and KPIs in collaboration with our clients through various discovery sessions. Essential objectives are kept in mind when gathering data for identifying key use cases.

After clearly defining the objectives, our data engineering and data analytics teams help clients set up their interactive dashboards, backed by well-defined, robust data models connected to their database/data warehouse, with the ability to export data to various channels like email, slack or other messaging, databases and marketing platforms. The data can also be explored, filtered and drilled down in its raw form while being looked at through dashboards. This enables client teams to analyze data and create dashboards on their own.

In addition to the above capabilities, DRVN intelligence will help you set up scheduled jobs, caching policies and help create robust permissions for data access.

We have created a Looker Accelerator Kit, to help you accelerate your Looker adoption journey and provide you with quick value.

Looker Workflow Sample with google cloud platform

Looker Workflow Sample 2
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Sample Looker Dashboard
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Sample Looker Dashboard 2
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