Digital Marketing Assessments

The Stacktics Digital Ecosystem team includes a group of qualified and talented individuals who have demonstrated excellence within the digital marketing realm. Most members of the team have served in leading agencies at top positions as part of Performance Media, Analytic and Martech.


At Stacktics, our core objective is to deliver advanced enterprise solutions by advancing digital maturity and integrating marketing platforms with analytics to achieve their full synergistic potential. We specialize in supporting established organizations through the infusion of modern Big Data, Analytics & Machine Intelligence systems to achieve a competitive advantage.

Our Digital Service Includes

Digital Transformation 2.0 :

  • Paid Media Assessment
  • Own Channel Assessment
  • People, Process and Technology Assessment
  • Privacy Ecosystem Assessment

CONSULTING PROJECTS  – Collectively called Digital Transformation 2.0

Stacktics’ Digital Ecosystem team primarily delivers its services in four macro categories


1. Paid Media Opportunity Analysis – Paid Media Assessment is our deep consolidated expert analysis over the client’s main digital marketing channels. Our product certified team has the right experience to improve marketing performance through proven best practices that deliver impact gains to paid search, social and programmatic campaigns. 


2. Owned Channel Assessment (Analytics, CRM, Integration) – Assess and understand the current state of digital maturity to identify areas for improvement and deliver a prioritized action plan as a roadmap for the future. This exercise typically includes:

  • Understanding data collection and cross platform flow 
  • Identification of gaps and reveal opportunities
  • Assessment of digital maturity
  • Martech Stack Adoption

3. People, Process and Technology  – The optimal Business Intelligence unit works collaboratively while using the existing tools in the most productive and agile way.


  • Organizational structure, workload and degree of siloization
  • Active external vendors and their performance vs. expectations and opportunity


  • How well technology and automation is being leveraged 
  • Core pain points / opportunity areas already identified
  • Current process advancement efforts and plans


  • Overview of core platforms, systems and technologies in use within Owned Channels and Paid Channels
  • Data Capture, Reporting and Surfacing Insight 
  • Use of automation and ML to best leverage resources

4. Privacy Assessment – Privacy is not just a buzzword. It is a serious subject that needs to be understood. We will provide a full overview of your current and future compliance readiness based on local legislation. Stacktics provides a privacy solution to keep your organization out of the headlines.

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