Application Creation & Modernization

Power behind the utility of technology lies in the software applications that deliver user experiences, make businesses efficient and keep operations profitable.

Cloud computing ushers in a further era in applications development by opening up unprecedented levels of innovation through democratization of IT. For instance, a few creative individuals can disrupt a large industry because they require minimal capital investment to access production level computing capabilities and unlock their talent and begin building their own visions.

Technological Advancement

With the rapid changes in technology and tools; better and more innovative applications can be developed to improve experience, optimize cost and accelerate performance. The applications modernization consulting and development services at Stacktics are targeted to assist clients in taking advantage of the state-of-the-art applications development tools and technologies. At Stacktics, we can guide you to the art of the possible within the apps domain.

A key facet of our consulting and development services is to help application modernization by leveraging the benefits of cloud computing. With cloud, IT traditional up-front infrastructure capital and operational cost is eliminated, and agile proof of concept has become simple. The choice before developers and creators is now about which cloud provider gives the best tools, ease of use, lower cost and a readily available skill set to deliver their creative ideas.

Of the 3 most popular cloud providers (Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud), Google Cloud is relatively new. However, Google has been able to roll out several services that integrate the best functions available in AWS and Azure services with reduced cost and Google-to-Google platform integrations.

The figure below depicts a conceptual view of what is involved in applications modernization i.e. to leverage the latest trends and tools to provide a superior value to end customers, while reducing the overall cost.

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