Advanced Marketing Solutions​

We’ve all heard the saying that creating a great product or service is not always enough to be successful, you also need great marketing. That is especially true for the digital era we live in today. Sending the right message to the right user at the right time is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to digital marketing. A quick search online of the Digital Marketing LUMAscape would terrify any business owner trying to decipher the multitude of players and categories, let alone the complexities of how they work together. Despite the complexities, companies evolve and adapt to using more and more marketing tools lest they lose their competitive edge whether or not they fully understand the nuances of what they are getting into.

At Stacktics, we help enterprises navigate the digital marketing ecosystem by getting the most out of their marketing platforms by finding efficiencies and promoting best practices, connecting and automating marketing processes, and auditing marketing policies and procedures to name a few. We specialize in Google Cloud Platform and Google Marketing Platform products as certified partners and have expertise in many other platforms. As a company of five years, we have grown from 5 to 50 employees and we work with clients across many industries including financial, retail, entertainment, and government to name a few.

Below are some of the services we offer, summarized very  briefly:


Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager implementation – Take tracking to the next level with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, now bringing data from both websites and mobile apps into GA4 for a unified view of your users as well as consolidating tag management and improving website performance with Server Side GTM. Tagging is the foundational step of data collection.


MMM & PO – Attributes marketing expenditure to sales for digital and offline channels (MMM), using this attribution to forecast and push budget changes to across marketing channels autonomously.


Training (Paid Media, Marketing Analytics) – Custom training programs geared towards improving your return on your marketing spend with practical demonstrations on your existing platforms designed to be relevant, engaging and impactful


Headroom Analysis – Answers the question where to allocate your budgets to get maximum impact and which initiatives are over delivering but under funded. Often used to help forecast and determine the best allocation of funds for future periods.


Dashboards – Are used to collect information from all relevant sources and distill them into insights for your team. A good dashboard is like having a resource that works 24 hours a day to turn data into actionable steps that deliver impactful results.


Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) Analysis – Answers the question of what is the true value of each specific new customer to the business in terms of profitability over their average lifetime.
Understanding true value is key to optimizing acquisition costs across the funnel while achieving business objectives.


Headwind Analysis – Change is a constant, so why use last year’s numbers to forecast future key performance indicators. Headroom analysis can be used to factor in changes caused by inflation, competition, and technological changes like the blocking of 3rd party cookies.


Yield Management and Optimization Strategy – This benefits content provider sites that rely on delivering ads to monetize their traffic. This sector is under serviced by the existing out of the box solutions costing publishers significant amounts of money in terms of lost revenue. A must for high traffic sites.


Responsive Trafficking Tool – This unique solution can be deployed in complex enterprise environments like Google Marketing Marketing Platform or multiple programmatic channels to simplify campaign creation and tracking. By automating the heavy lifting required, it improves productivity and eliminates the potential input errors of trafficking and tagging manually.

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