The goal of this exercise is to provide recommendations to improve the team’s efficacy, surface actionable changes and, improve team cohesiveness and unity. The goal is to improve the results from every hour spent working on the campaign.
Working smart is often more effective than working hard so we review the processes and hours spent working towards optimization and scaling results to prioritize focus on  the most effective processes, and that the hours logged will best help accomplish the acquisition of company goals efficiently.

Examples of opportunities often include switching from low impact time intensive tasks to prioritizing changes most likely to have a measurable impact first. Included is how automation and advanced technology are being leveraged to perform the ideal level of support for the “heavy lifting”.

High Level Approach

  • How well technology and automation is being leveraged
  • Core pain points / opportunity areas already identified
  • Current process advancement efforts and plans
  • Ratio of investment in people vs. tools
  • What “the business” considers to be success
  • What the business expects from supporting business units
  • How well analytics is supporting media with actionable reports and dashboards


  • Identify opportunities for improvement by category and specific initiative.
  • Prioritize by cost, impact and ease of implementation
  • Align on which opportunities represent the best opportunities with client based on what is realistic in the current business environment and budget
  • Create a roadmap for transformation and align on timelines and deliverables

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