Technology is best utilized as an effort multiplier of sorts. Digital marketing campaigns have an endless amount of ways to be set-up, optimized and reported on. Technology can assist in prioritizing actionable opportunities by surfacing the insights or by applying the latest AI models to improve the performance of bid to value.
We review the current deployment of the marketing stack along with the planned future initiatives to help put together a roadmap for the future:
  • Overview of core platforms, systems and technologies in use
  • Tagging, data and signal capture, reporting and surfacing of actionable insights
  • Use of bidding automation and ML to best leverage results
  • Platform connections, integrations and synergies
  • Use of 1st party data and exclusion lists
  • Importing offline data
  • Channel and device attribution
  • Existing technology advancement and future adoption plans
  • How technology is being leveraged and what processes are utilized to optimize results

High Level Approach

  • How well technology and automation is being leveraged
  • Core pain points / opportunity areas already identified
  • Current process advancement efforts and plans
  • Ratio of investment in people vs. tools
  • What “the business” considers to be success, what the business expects from supporting business units
  • How well analytics is supporting media with actionable reports and dashboards


  • Identify opportunities for improvement by category and specific initiative.
  • Prioritize by cost, impact and ease of implementation
  • Align on which opportunities represent the best opportunities with client based on what is realistic in the current business environment and budget
  • Create a roadmap for transformation and align on timelines and deliverables

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