Salesforce Marketing Cloud

A mature digital ecosystem requires a core of trusted platforms that are built to seamlessly integrate with the business, effectively identify opportunities and guide customers towards your brand’s product and services. 


This is where a customer engagement platform such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud comes in, providing a global scale and a multi-channel approach to simplify customer engagement. Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows businesses to deliver personalized customer engagement at scale by leveraging AI-based platforms to communicate with each customer through the right channel at the right time.

Stacktics helps enterprises to elevate their systems and processes in order to successfully manage their sales and marketing through an integrated marketing cloud solution.

A well configured enterprise marketing cloud enables

  • Delivering data-driven technology to align sales and marketing teams and provide an improved customer experience.
  • Creating a robust customer journey management to orchestrate a productive ecosystem
  • Simplifying collaboration across various enterprise verticals, and managing customer data at scale. 
  • Native orchestration across key marketing cloud components like data studio, social studio, journey builder, interaction studio, mobile studio, advertising studio, salesforce DMP.

What Makes for Successful Adoption of the Marketing Cloud?

At Stacktics, we employ a robust adoption plan to ensure that the marketing cloud is optimized for best results. We render,

    1. A strong emphasis on nurturing leads and crafting the right customer strategy
    2. A strong emphasis on data-driven insights to identify opportunities and craft a value proposition to attract and retain the right customers.
    3. A robust user base and appropriate adoption: To identify leads and derive insights from them, to form new pools of customer accounts.
    4. A robust collaboration capability: To help you quickly create content at scale and integrate everything from email, ecommerce, mobile, social, and customer communities, while taking customers on a personalized journey with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
    5. Unified solutions: By providing a common platform for customer interaction resulting in an improved framework thereby increasing profitability.

The Stacktics Focus

  • Building a Data Model: Evaluating and implementing common data considerations like data governance and data extensions though leveraging synchronized data sources, unique identifiers, core data and importing data, segmentation, and filtration.
  • Cloud technology: Sales, marketing, and service cloud services to provide a unified view of the customer, a powerful digital marketing tool for automation, consultation, and centralization. 
  • Marketing Cloud Social Studio: Publishing, engaging and analyzing features by  integrating all your paid, social media, and brand management accounts and managing them all under one roof to collaborate them with each other.
  • Integrating Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce for Audience Activation: Enabling powerful first party audience strategies critical for the privacy driven digital landscape. Maintain a 360-degree view of your customer journey and cultivate actionable insights to execute and improve all marketing campaigns.
  • Reporting and Dashboards: Tailored solutions for customer-centric needs centralize and visualize data to enable access to smart insights and better decision-making.

Use case: Marketing meets Analytics

Objective: Re-Target audience visiting a product page. 


Scope: Integrating salesforce marketing cloud with Google analytics 360 will provide insights of those who are visiting the page and report the same through Google analytics. These users can then be targeted by the salesforce marketing cloud with personalized communications and lucrative offers, thereby, providing an opportunity to convert. 



  1. Attract old and new visitors. 
  2. Increase visitors  across website pages. 
  3. Increase conversion rate.

      4. Understand my customer behavior and website appeal

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