Responsive Trafficker (RT)

Programmatic Display & Social Advertising are invaluable marketing channels that represent key components of a full funnel digital marketing strategy. However, they require significant time for a marketing team to build and launch. To effectively reap the benefits of your strategy and marketing investment, Stacktics has developed robust automation methodologies in order to:

  • Reduce your time investment and associated overhead costs
  • Enhance build reliability
  • Accelerate launching your campaigns

Why do you need a Responsive Trafficker?

The Responsive Trafficker (RT) tool automates the process of providing your Display & Video 360 (DV360), Facebook / Meta and other digital marketing campaigns with the creatives and trackers they need to deliver and capture complete performance.  

Just as you would currently send creative asset files off to a supporting team to traffic for your campaign, the Responsive Trafficker understands your campaign and accepts your supporting creative files.  In an automated instant, the Responsive Trafficker will construct all creatives in your Google Campaign Manager (CM360) account, before going on to attach them to your campaign(s), ready to launch.  

End trade-offs between measurement you need and how long you can wait for it.  Eliminate costly build errors and corrupted performance tracking.

How Does the RT Tool Empower You?

The Responsive Tracker tool empowers you in the following ways:

  • Dramatically Reduces Time to Launch – agile campaign strategy pivots
    • Allows resources to focus on campaign management & optimization
      • Spend less effort on trafficking logistics or creative management
      • Manage landing pages and multiple creative rotations autonomously
    • Increased KPI performance & pacing consistency
      • Reduce media downtime due to creative turnover, implementation of new tactics or training of new team members
  • Reduce Potential for Build Errors 
    • Increased campaign performance and consistency  
    • Increased dependability & completeness of marketing data, allowing improved:
      • Machine decisions
      • Analysis & insight generation
  • Additional Paid Media Platforms with Campaign Manipulation 
  • APIs can be integrated into the trafficking system as new modules

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