Machine Learning and AI

Machine learning, or ‘ML’, is a field of AI that broadly refers to utilizing data and algorithms to solve complex tasks that traditionally required human intelligence. Machine Learning and AI services create intelligent algorithms focused on stronger and faster improvement over time for an advanced set of data. For instance, this technology is used to run the chatbox for the website, forecast customer behaviors like sales and conduct customer segmentation.


Developing ML systems is complex. At Stacktics, our data science experts develop ML systems using processes based on best industry practices to help build each stage of the process, i.e. Business Understanding, Data Modeling, Exploratory Data Analysis, Model Ideation, Model Building, Model Training and Deployment, and Monitoring. As an MLOps consultant, Stacktics helps develop an ML system that suits your business objectives.


Building a production ML system requires domain expertise, careful planning and execution. With experience in machine learning, Stacktics can help companies utilize data to improve business efficiencies and growth by deploying the AI and Machine Learning software.


The application of AI-based solutions is ubiquitous and applies broadly to any area of human enterprise. Employing machine learning has become an essential element of business strategy to stay ahead of the competition and drive business growth by obtaining actionable insights from data.

Services Offered by Stacktics

Stacktics offers the following services that work effectively to elevate your business operations.

ML & AI-Driven Predictive Analytics

Bring the benefits of ML & AI-Driven Predictive Analytics to uncover risks and opportunities for your business. Our team helps build predictive models with model programming languages such as Python, R, Scala and GO.


MLOps refers to (frequently underutilized) standardized tools and capabilities for automating processes such as building, deploying, and producing ML systems rapidly and reliably. Our team of experts can help your organization with the entire lifecycle of MLOps, including ML development, training operationalization, continuous training, model deployment, prediction serving, continuous monitoring, and data and model deployment.

Managed AI services

The managed AI services employ ready-to-use/customized business applications based on ML that are fully managed by the provider to reduce time to market. They also require minimal technological expertise. The system is built on the back of cloud service provider Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. The services are pay-as-you-go pricing, enabling sophisticated, highly trained models to meet business needs.

Industries We Have Served


Marketing and Advertising solution involves automation and optimization of the campaign, audience activation pipeline, customer segmentation and churn prediction.


Build data-driven solutions for businesses to understand customer behavior by providing better insights to improve decision-making and overcome challenges.


Assist users with building product and customer-centric custom automated solutions by resolving data silo issues.

Retail and Ecommerce

Improve customer experience by inventory and sales optimization through marketing analysis.


Assist businesses with modern cloud computing solutions for batch and streaming processes and draw actionable insights.

Stacktics helps build productionalized solutions that align with business goals. Contact Stacktics today to build on the right set of AI solutions for your organization.



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