360 Degree View of the Customer (Framework)

Traditionally, most online user tracking methods are too heavily dependent on cookies, especially 3rd party cookies. However, in recent times, there has been an industry level change to phase out 3rd party cookies in order to preserve user privacy. As there is more and more of a push toward privacy centric data collection practices, having a singular view of customer data that enables companies to understand and target users in such an environment becomes imperative.

Every year, billions of dollars are spent on online marketing campaigns worldwide. Effectiveness of these campaigns is directly affected by the insights generated by high quality data. Till date, this role has been filled by third party cookies. As support for these cookies gets deprecated, quality of user data being collected is also impacted, thereby reducing marketing effectiveness and increasing media spend. In such a scenario, having a privacy complaint user storage solution can solve a lot of the problems associated with cookies. Customer Data Platforms, or CDPs as they are known, have tried to fill this position. There are out of the box solutions that promise ease of integration and efficient execution. However, for companies that employ martech tools with varying levels of complexity and origin, an out of the box solution often tends to over promise and under deliver. A custom CDP tailored for an enterprise could be an effective alternative in this case. These provide a level of control over data integrity and customization options that ready made solutions cannot. These also reduce dependency on external vendors for continuous support and product development and maturity.

Stacktics’ GCP as a CDP Solution

Stacktics are Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Delivery Partners with GCP certified engineers and architects, accompanied by experts in digital ecosystems. This has helped us create a system of various components on GCP that form a Customer Data Platform (CDP). This CDP can leverage either a Looker-based application, or another user interface that can enable an analyst to view all their customer and marketing data in one place, and perform the following core functionalities:

  1. Audience Creation
    1. Explore and Analyze Customer Data
    2. Create Rule-based Audiences
    3. Create ML-based Audiences
    4. Save Audience Lists
  2. Audience Activation and Management
    1. Update or Delete Audience lists from Platforms/Maintain fresh Audience Membership
    2. Schedule Audience Distributions
  3. Audience Analysis
    1. Analyze Audience Performance Data
    2. Analyze changes in Audience Memberships

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