Revenue Data Syndication Tool (RDST)

For Ad Publishers, it is important to be able to analyze revenue made from Ads of various Ad buyers served on their website. Since the publishers are usually paid based on a certain volume of metrics such as impressions, clicks or conversions, it is essential that they are able to optimize the combination of the Ad served, the space on the website where it is served, the timing, the frequency etc. In order to perform this analysis and optimization, Ad publishers require raw reporting data of how various Ads served on their websites have performed.

RDST as a Marketing Solution

RDST is a solution that is formulated by Stacktics to enable Ad publishers to be able to access the data of the performance of Ads on their websites, in one place, in an easy-to-use manner. It provides the publisher with a cloud-based data warehouse (GCP BigQuery or other OLAP databases on other clouds) that contains the raw data of Ad performance. The democratization of this data to various users of varying technical competencies is achieved through dashboards and reports generated in client-friendly formats at a pre-discussed schedule.


RDST is a set of pipelines deployed on the cloud that pull and consolidate Ad performance and revenue data on a daily basis. These pipelines feed a modern data warehouse, which in turn can serve as a source for dashboards, reports and other analysis tools that can be used to gain insights from the Ad performance and revenue data for publishers. 


The diagram below shows a high level overview of the workflow


Stacktics provides RDST as custom deployments on your cloud infrastructure, or as executable assets that can be delivered for your own deployment. The Revenue Data Syndication Tool (RDST) is a must-have for modern publishers. It effectively reduces time incurred in analyzing and gaining insights from Ad performance.

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