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Our Core Tools

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Our Proprietary Solutions

Array of innovative one-stop marketing operations and analytics platforms that fulfill market needs, both in terms of functional coverage and modern technological stack

A SaaS solution, SPiDR is a One-Stop Marketing Operations Automation and Analytics Platform. The system powers advertisers and agencies to automate and scale their core activities effectively. In addition, the SPiDR Platform empowers end users to create and customize their recipes by combining different solutions.
The framework helps reduce training and deployment time during the development and implementation of machine learning (ML) systems. A set of standardized processes and capabilities for building, deploying, and operationalizing ML systems rapidly and reliably) best practices.
Traditionally, most online user tracking methods are too heavily dependent on cookies, especially 3rd party cookies. However, in recent times, there has been an industry level change to phase out 3rd party cookies in order to preserve user privacy. As there is more and more of a push toward privacy centric data collection practices, having a singular view of customer data that enables companies to understand and target users in such an environment becomes imperative.
Looker is one of the best unified modern data platforms in the marketplace that effectively transforms raw data into actionable information. As a dedicated service provider, we assist clients in optimizing the best features of Looker.
The Cross-Platform Trafficking (CTS) tool automates the process of Ad Tag, Creative Click, and Impression tag trafficking. An invaluable marketing tool, Programmatic Display & Social Advertising represents a vital component of the entire funnel digital marketing strategy.
With the help of Machine Learning, the analysts score the user propensities for specific actions on their website or in-store. The model works for ANY action of choice.
As a CDP solution and Audience Activation pipeline, GCP automates the sending of raw audience data created from backend analytical processes to your Web Analytics platform, Search, Display, Social and other marketing channels.
With many years of experience managing major paid search platforms with our enterprise partners, our team will navigate these questions for your business. We will work with your digital ecosystem to seamlessly integrate with your Paid Search marketing strategies, to set up a framework & roadmap for success
Stacktics provides PDST as custom deployments on your cloud infrastructure, or as executable assets that can be delivered for your own deployment. The Performance Data Syndication Tool (PDST) is a must-have for modern marketers. It efficiently reduces time incurred in analyzing and gaining insights from campaign performance and allows stronger decision making.
Stacktics provides RDST as custom deployments on your cloud infrastructure, or as executable assets that can be delivered for your own deployment. The Revenue Data Syndication Tool (RDST) is a must-have for modern publishers. It effectively reduces time incurred in analyzing and gaining insights from Ad performance.

Our Partner Solutions

Our core objective is to deliver advanced enterprise solutions by advancing digital maturity and integrating marketing platforms with analytics to achieve their full synergistic potential. 


Stacktics is a proud Google Cloud delivery partner, the platform offered by Google, is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search, Gmail, Google Drive, and YouTube

Looking for advanced scalable solutions for a large enterprise or institution? At Stacktics, our seasoned and certified team will help you maximize the results from the full stack capabilities with Google Marketing Platform. As you partner with us, you get an edge over to leverage our expertise surrounding measurements and cloud, and advertising platforms. Our GMP certified experts have been using the stack by providing tech solutions to enterprises across multi-sectors: financial, telecom, retail, healthcare, and more.
At Stacktics, our digital analysts, data engineers and data scientists are equipped to help companies extract maximum performance out of their Adobe stack. With our experience in solving common issues surrounding these technologies, Stacktics is uniquely placed to meet our clients’ Adobe stack maturity needs.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows businesses to deliver personalized customer engagement at scale by leveraging AI-based platforms to communicate with each customer through the right channel at the right time. Stacktics helps enterprises to elevate their systems and processes in order to successfully manage their integrated marketing cloud solution to improve customer experience, simplify collaboration, create a robust customer journey and utilize data-driven insights to attract and retain customers.
Google Analytics at its core is an analytics platform that measures user behavior and marketing performance on websites and apps, processes it, and makes it available for reporting. From there, marketing optimization can be conducted along with audience creation for activation across other products from the Google stack such as Google Ads, Google Optimize and DV360.