Performance Data Syndication Tool (PDST)

As a marketer and marketing analyst, you must review the real time performance of your campaigns across different channels via each of their respective platforms. In addition, these performance metrics must be maintained across time to illustrate their directional trends, both in aggregate and at the level of the individual contributors. With the Stacktics’ Performance Data Syndication Tool (PDST), you can access and review the performance of all your marketing activity across all your channels, in a standard location. This flow greatly reduces the time invested into analysis and enables you to deliver and make quicker decisions through trustworthy insights.

PDST as a Marketing Solution

PDST is a solution that is formulated by Stacktics to enable marketers to review the performance of their campaigns across multiple platforms and channels in one place. It also allows you to maintain a cloud-based data warehouse (GCP BigQuery or other OLAP databases on other clouds) for access to the full raw data, beyond what platform reports can provide. The democratization of this data to users of varying technical competencies is achieved through dashboards and reports generated in user-friendly formats at a pre-discussed schedule.


PDST is a set of processes and pipelines deployed on the cloud that pull and consolidate campaign performance data on a daily basis. These pipelines feed a modern data warehouse, which in turn can serve as a source for dashboards, reports and other analysis tools that can be used to gain insights from your campaign performance data. 


The diagram below shows a high level overview of the workflow:


Stacktics provides PDST as custom deployments on your cloud infrastructure, or as executable assets that can be delivered for your own deployment. The Performance Data Syndication Tool (PDST) is a must-have for modern marketers. It efficiently reduces time incurred in analyzing and gaining insights from campaign performance and allows stronger decision making.

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