Publish Subscribe

Pub/Sub or “Publish Subscribe”, is a Google Cloud Platform integrated messaging system. The Publish Subscribe model enables for asynchronous service-to-service communication. Every message published on a topic will be simultaneously received by all of its subscribers. It is an important component for streaming services with storage for messages and asynchronous real-time delivery of messages. With multiple alternatives of messaging services among cloud platforms, Google Cloud Pub/Sub has its own exclusive benefits for ease of setup and scaling.

Cloud Pub/Sub with Stacktics?

Pub/Sub messaging service has an easy-to-understand workflow configured by the Topic and Subscription.

Pub/Sub has two different options: Pub/Sub and Pub/Sub Lite. Pub/Sub Lite is, of course, the lighter version of the Pub/Sub for cost efficiency.


Pub/Sub is the Google Cloud Platform version of Kafka, Kinesis, or Event Hubs on other platforms. However, these are more analogies rather than equivalent components in Google Cloud Platform. It would be more appropriate to emphasize that Pub/Sub is the integrated and scaled messaging solutions in Google Cloud Platform.

Public Subscribe - Advantages

An integrated messaging service into a cloud platform can enjoy preset configuration and support. Google Cloud’s operations suite (formerly Stackdriver) is the monitoring tool for Google Cloud Platform components, including Pub/Sub. Once Pub/Sub is properly set up, the metrics of Pub/Sub can be viewed in Cloud’s operations suite with a breakdown of metrics in the message process and ack process of Pub/Sub, which are shown in earlier sections.


Another advantage of Pub/Sub is the native integrations among other Google Cloud Platform components. Since Pub/Sub is the native component of Google Cloud Platform, the integration with other cloud components and services can be easy and straightforward within the cloud console (user interface) of the Google Cloud Platform. At the same time, with the combination of Google monitoring all cloud components integrated with Pub/Sub, users can easily monitor streaming processes with the services integrated with Pub/Sub as well for ease of debugging and identifying process bottlenecks.


One exclusive benefit of Pub/Sub is the auto-scaling of the Pub/Sub service itself with adjusting the rate of messaging services. This can result in significant cost and effort savings when installing a messaging system compared to other messaging services in other cloud platforms.

Integration with Cloud Components

Pub/Sub allows integration with many of Google Cloud Platform components, which can be configured easily within the user interface of the Google Cloud Platform console.


Pub/Sub can be one of the important cloud components in providing streaming when building data pipelines and streaming services. One sample scenario to present the usage of Pub/Sub can be the user uploading data to Google Cloud Storage and data pipelines require triggers to start processing the data uploaded. Architecture could have Google Cloud Storage as publisher and configure Pub/Sub to message and trigger Google Cloud Dataflow as a subscriber to start processing the data that was uploaded and caused the trigger.

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