Stacktics is a proud Looker Delivery partner specializing in empowering teams to adopt and make the best use of Looker for their enterprise data, BI and Analytics Applications needs. Read on for a brief overview of Looker and how its features can optimize your business functions.

Looker - An Enterprise Data Platform

Looker is the modern analytics and business intelligence platform that is a part of Google Cloud. One of the best unified modern data platforms in the market, Looker can stand as the link between managing raw data and turning that data into digestible, actionable information. Looker can connect with any SQL database/data warehouse and facilitate the analysis and visualization of the data. Along with core functionality, Looker also provides additional features like git version control, user management, security, etc.

Looker further extends its capabilities with the Looker extension framework. Looker extension framework allows developers to build custom JavaScript data applications and tools with much ease.

A common workflow in Looker starts with defining LookML files. Once all the required LookML files are created, users can query different Explores and generate Looks (visualizations). These Looks can be put together inside a dashboard to serve a specific business use case.

Column-level Access Control

Looker provides very granular access control, and Looker admins can manage what a user group can do or see in Looker by specifying the following accesses:

  • Data Access: Data access controls the user’s ability to view specific data.
  • Content Access: Content access controls the user’s ability to view or manage a folder. A folder can contain multiple views and dashboards.
  • Feature Access: Feature access controls what a specific user can do on Looker. This includes viewing data and saved content, changing LookML models, etc.

One of the best features Looker provides is the ability to control column-level accesses using access grants. This can help restrict sensitive data like PII to a set of users, allowing strong principles of least privilege.


At Stacktics, we are Looker experts and can help implement various custom applications from contact center analytics dashboards to customer data platform applications. Learn more about our Looker Accelerator Package to accelerate your Looker journey, or reach out to us for any other custom builds/applications as we deliver a broad range of services around Looker, such as:

  • Design and Roadmapping of Looker adoption
  • Setup of backend data models and required pipelines
  • Setup enterprise-level data platforms, dashboards and reporting
  • Custom applications leveraging Looker’s Analytics capabilities
  • Insights activation and delivery mechanisms
  • Looker+GCP as a Customer Data Platform
  • Training

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