A multi-cloud enterprise data warehouse, BigQuery is a secure serverless platform offered by Google Cloud. The highly scalable solution effectively set up by Stacktics is designed to effectively handle petabytes of data. Big Query carries a built-in functionality that enables ML and predictive modeling, multi-cloud data analysis, interactive data analysis and geospatial analysis. This magnitude of a data warehouse can empower data scientists and analysts for efficient data optimization.

Features of Google BigQuery

In the modern age of data warehouses, BigQuery provides the highest level of scalability and efficiency. It follows the Software as a Service paradigm (SaaS) which allows users to process and analyze big data using the widely known domain-specific language, i.e SQL.

Key Features

  • BigQuery Omni is used across clouds, enabling users to analyze, answer questions and share results from BigQuery’s interface
  • BigQuery ML gives data engineers and scientists the power to create machine learning models with standard SQL queries and apply them to petabytes of data.
  • BigQuery GIS provides native support for geospatial analysis, allowing users to see spatial data differently and even unblock the new line of business.
  • BI Engine is an in-memory analytics service that integrates with Google Data Studio and enables analysts to build interactive dashboards through the computing power and scalability of BigQuery.

Despite its extensive features, BigQuery has a simple user interface for creating, querying and maintaining a scalable data warehouse. It provides comprehensive support for technical users while maintaining a user-friendly environment for non-technical users. The cost effectiveness offered through BigQuery pricing further makes this tool a must-have addition to every business operation.


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