StackPros and DRVN Intelligence Join Forces to Form Stacktics

Both StackPros and DRVN Intelligence have been playing a pioneering role in the development of their practice areas. Standing at the intersection of Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, and Digital Marketing, these organizations moulded typically distinct disciplines into a new form of transformation that they coined Digital Ecosystem Transformation. StackPros and DRVN Intelligence have designed a framework to rapidly assess and guide the most important enhancements across People, Processes and Platforms, at enterprise scale.

Through fusing these teams into Stacktics, the customers of both organizations can expect a bolstering of capabilities and streamlining of processes.

“I am excited to share this news, and elated to bring forward our strengthened Stacktics team.” said Eric Rodgers, CEO. “All of us have been dedicated to empowering our customers and partners, and as we start into 2023 we will be progressing faster toward achieving our core mission of liberating teams from the status quo.”

With StackPros and DRVN Intelligence moving from affiliated organizations into a unified corporation, the Stacktics team has reimagined the way it can best collaborate with its customers and partners. If you are looking for more information, you can read about Stacktics’ Services and Solutions structure and Digital Advancement Roadmapping approach with the included links.

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Erin Brooker

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