A proprietary SaaS solution, SPiDR is a One-Stop Marketing Operations Automation and Analytics Platform. The system powers advertisers and agencies to effectively automate and scale their core activities. Typically, the process for creating data pipelines can be conducted through ways that require IT support. However, SPiDR gives team members the ability to work independently with minimum IT support and technical knowledge. A short training schedule is all that is required to technically enable teams.

The SPiDR Platform empowers end users to create and customize their own recipes by combining different solutions. The solutions can then be run on programmed schedules to have real-time data and information for better analysis and decision making.


Access to different solutions (ingredients) enable users to create suitable recipes/pipelines. Sometimes each solution can be considered/used as one recipe, such as a simple pipeline for CM360 to BQ. Alternatively, depending on the complexity of the required pipeline, the end user can combine multiple ingredients.


The simple workflow gives end-user marketers the opportunity to think outside the box and focus on the required data and output. They can successfully realize their creative ideas to identify the gaps and problems within their marketing campaigns.


SPiDR assists marketers cross all the industries including but not limited to finance, marketing agencies, healthcare and technology.

The offered solutions by SPiDR can be categorized into three main groups:

  • Google Solutions
  • Enhanced Solutions
  • Proprietary Solutions

Google solutions:

We have designed the platform in a way that enables the end users to get access to a wide variety of solutions and use them with a simple and intuitive user interface. These solutions include but are not limited to Google solutions such as
  • Campaign manager 360
  • Display and Video 360
  • Google Analytics 360
  • Machine Learning Solutions

Enhanced solutions:

The SPiDR team, by adding more custom features and combining solutions, developed some solutions which can be used easily by marketers
  • Creative Performance Analysis

The Proprietary solutions:

The proprietary solutions were designed and developed by the SPiDR team based on market research and requests from customers, and will be available for all our marketers.   


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