Data Visualization, Dashboarding and BI

Data visualization refers to the representation of information and data in graphical/visual form. Data visualization uses charts, maps, graphs, etc., to provide a better understanding of trends, patterns, and outliers in data. Below are some of the benefits that data visualization provides:

  • Analyzing and making sense of the data more quickly and accurately
  • Getting clarity on the bigger picture
  • Faster decision making

Business intelligence (BI) refers to using a combination of data mining, data analytics, data visualization, etc., to help organizations with data-driven decisions. Benefits that BI provides include:

  • Data-driven business decisions
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Increased organizational efficiency

Our experts at Stacktics can help your organization use the above-mentioned techniques to get the best value out of your data. Read along to know more about the services we offer, the industries we serve, and our specialties.

Services Offered

Creation and Maintenance of Dashboards

It’s never too late to start your data visualization journey. Our experts can help you create visualization dashboards tailored to your use case and business requirements, along with full maintenance support if required.


Testing, Validation and Advancements to existing Dashboards and BI stack

Periodic testing and validation of the dashboard and BI stack are required in order to trust and use the insights provided by them. Our team can help test and validate your existing dashboards and BI stacks to ensure they are always reliable, along with valuable tips on improving them.


Visualization, Dashboard, and BI Consulting

Our team provides detailed consulting on your existing visualizations, dashboards and BI stacks. As part of consulting, some of the major services we provide are listed below:

  • Recommendations on improving your existing workflows
  • Suggestions for future steps
  • Data centralization
  • Data modeling and optimization
  • Data warehousing and optimization
  • Help identify the best solution for a given use case
  • Help to understand the trade-off between different solutions


BI Applications

BI applications help convey insights to a broad audience across the organization. We can help you build BI applications for different business use cases so that more and more users can benefit from it. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Looker-based Applications
  • Dashboard embedding
  • Middleware and backend to help your applications interact with your BI tools

Specialities in Visualization

Looker and Looker-based Application

We are a Looker Delivery Verified partner and specialize in empowering teams to adopt and make the best use of Looker for their enterprise data, BI and Analytics Applications needs. We also specialize in creating use case-specific Looker-based applications.
Read More about Looker or check out our Looker Accelerator Kit to help you accelerate your Looker journey.


DOMO is widely known for providing business intelligence and data visualization tools. We have many years of experience building DOMO-powered dashboards and suits for large banking clients.

Data Studio

We are certified GCP partners and specialize in creating Data Studio reports for several enterprise needs. Our Data Studio dashboards have helped clients from the Retail sector to the Banking sector to make full use of their data to deliver insights.

Power BI

Our data analysts and digital ecosystems specialists provide expertise in several BI tools, and PowerBI is one of them. We have helped clients across various industries develop, test, validate and enhance their PowerBI dashboards and stack, while also providing recommendations on optimizing their dashboards and processes.


Stacktics can help you with your Tableau needs. We have helped clients across various industries develop, test, validate and enhance their Tableau dashboards and stack, while also providing recommendations on optimizing their dashboards and processes.

Custom Visualization

We have vast expertise in building dashboards and BI applications on enterprise-grade tools like Looker, Data Studio, DOMO, PowerBI, Tableau, etc. However, some business use cases require custom visualization solutions for many reasons. We can help you create custom visualization solutions on top of modern cloud platforms exactly addressing your business needs.

End-to-end BI stack

We are certified GCP partners in marketing and data analytics. We are experts in the entire data lifecycle, including data modeling, ETL, data engineering, architecture, dashboard and analytics. We can help you create an end-to-end BI stack to start driving your organization with data-driven decisions.


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