Big Data Analytics

Modern applications generate several orders of magnitude more data. The volume, velocity and variety of data presents a set of challenges not known before. In response to these challenges has given rise to a new domain within information technology with its own set of tools, techniques, methods and architectures. Big data allows the application of analytics to massive datasets utilizing advanced data processing and analytics techniques to uncover patterns, trends and correlations in data to draw actionable insights with speed and efficiency.

Stacktics Inc. has expertise in a broad spectrum of Big Data tools and techniques. At Stacktics, experts can consult, design, implement and deploy Big Data systems for businesses to utilize their data effectively and enable data-driven decisions.

Services Offered

Productionalized Big Data Analytics


Stacktics team can help define strategy and roadmap to implement Big Data systems. Our experts help formulate strategies to deliver value-added analytics solutions optimized for your business needs. Our expertise with heterogeneous (structured, semi/unstructured) data processing allows us to streamline analytics tasks for gathering, analyzing, transforming, and visualizing data. A strategic roadmap is converted to a robust functioning big data system through industry best practices in architecture, design, implementation and deployment.


Our digital transformation and cloud adoption expertise make us a one-stop shop for formulating such a strategy.

Managed Services for Big Data Systems


Stacktics Inc., managed services offering is designed to ensure your system remains in optimal operating state. Solution administration and support to upgrade the infrastructure. Support data management in the backup and recovery process and perform regular health checks. Create a notification pipeline and support for monitoring and troubleshooting.

Industries we serve


Stacktics offers services for Data Lake, Data Warehouse, ETL processes, Data quality management, Data Security, and Data Visualization. We also specialize in large-scale batch and streaming data pipelines with complex workflows and data transformations, as well as productionalized machine learning systems that utilize Big Data for a wide range of verticals.



Improve creative assets by analyzing and providing performance to optimize the campaign management. For example, the business can better retarget the audience by using Lifetime value and 360 customer journey views.



Build Geospatial solutions to analyze real-time location data for generating valuable insights. Predictive analytics can be used by automotive service providers or manufacturers to understand consumer behavior better and enhance the user experiences of their products.



Capture and store data to uncover new customer experience patterns, such as customer behavior and segmentation. Build and support product and customer-centric solutions.

Retail and Ecommerce


Build infrastructure and support for storage of data and use of the data for profiling to create personalized experiences on digital and non-digital platforms. Product and performance optimization with industry best practices.



There are a wide variety of telecom big data use cases including optimized network management, asset tracking, proactive maintenance, improved customer experience, voice quality etc.

Some of our Specialties in Big Data Analytics

  • Big Data Technology Consulting and Solutioning
  • Big Data Design and Architecture
  • Data Modeling and Analysis
  • Big Data Visualization

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